Six performance improvement Tips

Six Tips to Improve Bmw performance.

These modern models are quite fast right of the showroom but that doesn't prevent us from trying to squeeze every bit of performance out.

1. Get an Engine Tuner.

In terms of performance add-ons, an engine tuner is simply the best investment you can make in terms of dollars per horsepower. What's more, as you continue to improve your vehicle's performance, you can adjust your tune to incorporate your upgrades.

2.Cold Air Intake.

Factory intake setups are generally quite effective, but there are some cases where an engine will benefit from an aftermarket intake. These setups utilize a free-flowing air filter, allowing the engine to breathe easier.

3.Exhaust Upgrades.

Upgrading your vehicle's exhaust system from the cat back - or in the case of turbocharged vehicles, upgrading the downpipe AND the system behind - is a simple yet effective way to increase engine performance.

4.Use Synthetic.

Switching over to synthetic will reduce the "oil wedge" between moving parts, thus reducing friction and increasing power. While its not a massive increase, it's super-simple to add it on.

5.Performance Engine Build.

This requires rebuilding the engine with performance parts such as beefed up cylinder heads, upgraded pistons, and a stroker crankshaft to name a few. If you’re not comfortable disassembling an engine, then this is best left to an experienced engine builder.

6.Forced Induction.

If your vehicle’s engine is naturally aspirated, forced induction will provide some hefty power gains. Forced induction can come in the form of a turbocharger or a supercharger.

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