Remote software update

Remote software update

Remote Software Upgrade is safe and easy way to upgrade your BMWs software, just like on your smartphone. It provides new functions, enhancements or quality improvements. When turning off the engine, your BMW will ask you to perform the Remote Software Upgrade. Please make sure, that your vehicle is parked safe and will not be used in the next 20 minutes.

When a remote software upgrade is available, you will get a notification on your phone or in your car. Once its downloaded in your car its preinstalled and you can see its preinstallation progress by going into:

Car settings
General settings
Remote software upgrade

After stopping the engine system will ask you to perform remote software upgrade. Follow the instructions in the display. Final insatallationtakes place when the car is standing still. Ensure you park your vehicle for the installation.

Check Out this video below for visual guidance.
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